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Victor A Dyck started his life in the wide open prairies of Western Canada. It was growing up on a farm where he found himself indelibly drawn to the form, structure, and beauty of the amazing world around him. While many might think of this environment as lonely and difficult, Victor found it to be rich with treasure - a place to observe, to learn, to experience and to be part of the magic of nature. It is no wonder that Victor's images are filled with profound feeling and soulfulness that connects viewer to the subject.

Although Victor has had different vocations, there has been one constant - his camera and his love for photography. He is considered by many to have a special "observer" gift - a sense of things that are behind the image, and a gift to capture those unseen aspects through photography. One can feel the moment captured, the essence of the scene - as if one is actually there -leaves rustling through the golden canyon, the breath of the lion as the hunt is consummated, the pensive look of a child trying to understand a confusing world.

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